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When wind blows wild young n free…
So it is now but not we…
Driftin all around among nostalgia of she…
But still we all grim…
Wilderness wonders around us undressin our thought on envy..
roles & goal penetrating loop holes has brought us fall..
we never knew that we r common same…
we never agnized that we r common insane…
Pain, gain n restraint…
but we never screamed Never again…
Freedom, plz fly away….
N find ur way…
Human will debate, crouch you, squeeze you, n let u coy…
Freedom plz fly away
Oh my dear Freedom, find ur way, Fly Away !!!!

Comman Insane

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And I watch em’all Laughing

From the corner that I’ve found

And i really love to be there

As i look upon their eyes…

I asked them without words, what are you feeling down?

They said nothing but their faces was frown…

Well then i said it’s Fine

Everyone has their different eyes to be reasonable…

But they all seems innocent..

And i began to love see them around…

Then i saw some children

Playing some local game with cents

And i saw no difference in between them & holy saint…

As i look upon the street

I saw helpless people but decent…

And i saw no difference from the people who thought they’ve ascend…

Time has really changed but we still live in ancient…

Oh i really went scare for them…

But then i try to calm myself

I found we all are same…

Similar in a manner that we all are Insane…

But then Sun still shine again

As the white Blind light fall upon us without any difference

To remind us that we all live in Nature’s Chain…


And I love to be MYSELF again….

And I love to be MYSELF again…..


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I can’t lash down the lone Moon
Coz it cant happen, so dont get doom
I can’t count down star for you
Coz numbers are less due to..
I can’t swim across seven seas to be with you…
Coz i dont know how to swim
I cant be thorn to make u rose
Coz i will be pain that will slows
You and your heart, for you must glow…
I can’t give you all da happines
Coz i often fall down in life…
I can’t climb the highest mountain for you…
Coz its lavish trial n i dont hav money…
N I can’t even die for you honey
Coz i’m afraid my dear bunny

All i can do is simply be by you…
N just Love you….

For my confess, neither i can get hate from you..
Nor i could love you…
Since i dont have girl n  know who she IS…
N bullshit.. Whom i’m tellin THIS ???


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I shake my watch which just stuck…
Essence was to notice time, so it was cheap stuff..
I was trying to repair the clock as it stop
Perflexion to realisation, question as but
It is that I attempting to repair that clock
Or its that clock which is trying to convince me that my life has just stuck….

I thought along as the moon arise alone
Then My mind project some dreams of thorn
I became lost in lost in thought …
Dreamin about true love and lust..
Since i never found that love which i am willing to pay my life as the cost..

we were smilin, happy, spendin memorial moments ..
we shared love, hugged, sang the songs, whisper with the wind along…
we whistle with the birds..
We played oneness chord..
We kiss each other with heart…
We were literally with natures accord…
We were in heaven and was about…

I regain my concious that i was alone..
stuck and helpless even far away from home
No one is here now n then even when i will be gone..
Im just stuck again n i prone..
Am i was dreamin that sweet dream..
or i am a dream of nightmare that “We” were dreamin…
Now all i can hear, is just screamin..
Complete Resonate Screamin…..

Ad hominem

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In search of wisdom
He begin to exercise freedom
He spoke for truth
Sally in wilderness with a words of righteous theme
But the world has deviated,Era of obliquity was prevailed, they sumoned to bedash him
He just wanted to live, consecrate & dedicate his sole life for enlightment
World was mean, they impeity him to dead fight..
He roamed aimless in dark soul of night to save lives who mourn
He kept his faith in a lamb of light like in storms
The World grumble against him, and they inflict
They convulsed in anger as they were exorcised by lilith
They contempt him and confine with false verdicts
But he shriek forgiveness to all
He agnized they were livin dead masquerade to imminent fall
The world was callous, they just guffaw in lack of grace
They gave him death, but smile of love was what they saw in his face
Smile of love was what they saw in his face….

Believe in Self

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A man walkin in his fate..
Flitering one’s true secret..
Behind the line of truth depth..
Peruse every single lucid constraint…
To emancipate from his mortal picayune image…
Afterall what really did matter..
These materalism, hate, obliquity, temptation or glitter..
The war, blood-shed, oh those lives who were slaughter…
Oh how can one smile upon brutal subjagate of others freedom & laughter….
It was only just to understand the echt of one’s self..
But how strong was perplexion, so it deceive to confined in imminent desires cell…
Steadfast one must anagnorisis the meaning…
One must commence his real beginings…
One must not deviate by his feelings…
The realm of peace and love..
Which is axoimatic above all….
Its true, that life will contemplate you…
It will bring strife to shine on you….
It will be judged and justice will scintillate on you…
But One must lift above from social stigma…
One must free himself from mortal insane dogma…
One must not retaliate from his suffer…
But must learn and inherit enlightment to walk after…
One must not lose hope in his failure….
One must not waste his time upon vex and harlotry gesture..

One must never give up thyself…
One must never stop believe in self….


The ocean flowed down so as to merge with massive stream…
The light emitted from objects so as the sun can have the screen….
The sky was amused as the land was above at ad infinitum…
The stars wondered how countless lives scintillate in endless universe momentum…
Oh those impeccable leaves of tree that blows the wind…
Oh those thristy clouds waitin upon rains to intertwine….
Those spectrum of summer effloresce when month of flower begin…
Those winter snow were dazzled upon the fall of white dust shiverin…
O those furnace soil explode and rupture mountain of magmas…
O those catastrophic shakequake measured at 11.1 earth dogma…
Oh The time was constant…
But waiting for someone, instantly glanced watch of patience hung at distant…
Those doctrines of mankind inherited by evolution of mortal aliens civilization…..
Oh those secret and myth of human lives embroided in ancient fragile paper encryption….
Did “higher self” God created this world of withershins..
Or is it the “Mankind” who came millions of year ago and commenced this Origins…..

What if these were the some of the facts of parallel world if it exist. Suppose if these characteristics of obliquity were actual foundation of our real world to restore or balance order and existence. Like good & bad, true & false, light & dark, God and evil… what if hence our order world & this withershins parallel world.
I wonder ¿  ???  ¿¿ ?????? ¿¿¿ ?????????

Lake of Kadam

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“Actually this is the song that i wrote back in 2010 summer. It was written based upon pond of my college and mine lonely time that i usually used to spend around for peace of mind. These particular pond which i reffered as lake was not so big and deep but it has one tree behind, some plant surrounds to shine and two fish that died eventually as forfeit to shrine. My college had speculate specific course on social work and rural development. Many times, student tried to decorate it, manage it, renovate but nothing worked out on that lake.
When i used to spend time
I found the lake and myself at same verse of isolate rhyme
As if i was just substance and she was me
As if we were acquaintance and i was she
As if the lake felt my pain,
As if we were left alone again..
As if she was supportin me
As if i was holdin she… 
As if she was surprise to see me,
As if i was the only authorized to be with she…Either way we feel same… Then i picked my guitar and wrote this statement and convert it in song….”

Lake of kadam
You and Me
We tried to Fled
Coz people, they are sick…
No one ever
Shit on it…
You and I
We know how it feels….
Chorus *
It’s okay dude
Don’t worry
I will sing a song
And you dance slowly
It will be just mystery……

Lake of kadam
Are you Scare…
The pain inside…
Oh shit man! We are Scared
Lock and Load
Shoot the world
We will defend
That we are not Alone….

Chorus **
It’s okay dude
Don’t worry
I’m with you and
We’ll make a story
Coz we will be just History….
Solo :
Repeat chorus * & **
Lake of Kadam…!!!!!

The Road 2

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Chapter- II


It was almost late at evening but there was no sign of Jim. Norman and his friend were still cracking jokes and smoking stuff. Suddenly, something far at distant came a noise of crumble, sound like crawling. Norman shout- “whose there?” but theres no answer. So the guys persist their own psychedellic world.
Rob: “what was that sound, or is it cop?”
Norman: “No rob, may be its just some insect trying to find his way back to home.”
Rob: “How can you be so sure?”
Norman: “I know buddy, trust me, if it was cop, then till now we would have been arrested, won’t we?”
Rob: uhh….yeah !
Zeus: Norman, you said about these little creature that he’s trying to get home, do they have mind?”
Norman: “ofcourse man, human may be the most sensible one but nature has given equitable sense with regard to its characteristics. As human know what are good and evil, what they need to do or not, what they have to eat or not, so does these creatures know what to eat, where they can find, where to live and forth. Would an insect tries to fight lion? Would they try to kill birds. No! You see, they have mind. It just they have little portion of knowledge that their mind accumulate or thats what their brain are capable of for existence. Every biotic and non-biotics has it own function and mechanism to assit each other for survival.You see, its nature who provide us favourable environment to exist and so she has made a chain reaction between living beings. Didn’t you read that in science?”
Rob: “How would he remember that. He only remember the physical science to opposite sex, don’t you? (giggles)
Zeus: “shut up dude, everyone does that. Don’t you or you are homosexual?”
Rob was annoyed. But rest of the guys laughs. Again there came a sound at distant, now a voice shout- “hey guys, whatzzzz uppppp…….”
Norman and other reached where the sound came, and they were surprised that it was Jim whose was completely rolled in dirt and intense trip. He could barely stood on his foot. So they help him and brought in place where they laid.
Norman: ” what happen bro, where you been?”
(Jim looks at norman trying to recognized.)
Jim: ” Norman, is it you? Where the hell you been so long. And why theres 3 norman here?”
Norman: ” I’m sorry jim, but now i’m here.” (he was so happy to see jim, his best pal but again sad to see him in such condition).
Norman: “what have you done to yourself bro. I heard about aunt. And i’m sorry, may she rest in peace.”
Jim: “I don’t need your regard. I’m fine and i can live alone. Where the hell you been when i needed you most and why have you return now. I don’t need you.” (speak arrogantly)
Norman: ” I didn’t knew about it man, beside i was in my own trauma.” (soft voice)
Jim: “Bullshit, you should have tried to find me, afterall you were my only friend”.
It was echt, that norman had ignored all of his accquaintance, he deviated himself in isolation and was subjugated by the drugs. He could not live without drugs and was chronic substance abuser.
Norman: ” Sorry pal, i was just derailed and intangle with myself. I could not help myself then.”
Jim: “whatsoever”
Norman: “Jim, let’s go home. You should leave doping bro”.
Jim: “Don’t touch me, i can go by myself. And i don’t need your advice. You promised me that we will never depart, but you left me alone. Do you know how it feels, when your parent are dead, to be feel alone, to shut down the doors and cry on own. Do you have any idea, how i went through these fuckin miserable moments. And now you suddenly show yourself for supports when i have find my way. You know norman, this piece of shit, really work, i feel no pain, its like i’m in air, its feel like i’m flying.”
(Jim stumbly tries to walk away).
Norman: “jim, wait man,jim” (follows)
Jim: “Get off me, if i was ever your friend, leave me alone. And do me a favor”.
Norman: “what? ”
Jim: “Don’t ever show me your face again.”

Jim took pendulous walk away, norman stood in perplex. He was frivolous and
didn’t have any words. But he stared him walk away. Meanwhile, other guys were silence and just evidence the two different man on contrary though they walk same road of life, i.e, Drugs.

Norman broked like fragile into entropy and so as Jim. They both inflicted life with drugs bedash and sabotage ownself in humilation and cried for redemption. Ambiguity and low esteem have suffocate them in transcendal pain. Drugs has crippled them phyiscally, mentally and spiritually. They niether could face each other nor themselves. But they pursue the road of drugs and hurting themselves.

The days passes by, time was pursuing its laps cycle, many seasons change into years, many flowers of love, peace and liberty effloresce, political transition from monarchism to republican were establisbed, human rights voices was strong as thunder of thor, minors and indigenious were about identified and privileged, women and child rights were at the frontier of social activitist. New hope had shine into lives after People’s Revolution in 2006. But Jim and norman were still obscured with their hallucinogenic world like other youth of Nepal. That does not mean everyone was indulged in drugs but most youth from cities like kathmandu, Lalitpur,Dharan, Pokhara and Narayanghat and some portion in Hetuada. They all have their distinctive stories line base upon constraint realm of reality or by civil war.

Oneday Norman was on hunting(metaphorically to buy drugs) when he meet Benjamin, his classmate.
Ben: “Norman, is it you? Where are you these days man? I looked for you many time but couldn’t find you, where the hell you been?”
Norman: ” No i was just around. So what’s up dude, howz the life?”
Ben: “yeah, its fine. I joined high school this year. What about you dude?”
Norman: “Its cool”. (shake his head as frivol)
Ben: “Did you know about Jim, he had an accident”.
Norman: “whatttt…. How?” (intense express)
Ben: ” I heard that he was in dope. He rode bike in speed and he clashed with taxi at junction. Doc said, there was few chance to survive but anyway he did survive but he have lost his eye sight and have psychological effects, he forgot everythings, and can’t remember what he speaks instantly”.
Norman: “where’s he now?”
Ben: ” I think he is transfer now in home”.
Norman: ” Thanks man! Uhmmm…..See ya later”. (sneaks around as if he was looking for someone).
Ben: “Norman, norman wait…”
Norman: “I will call you soon bro…..” (shout from distant).

Norman rushes to drug dealer as he saw him. Its like for chronic drug abuser, one who is in sick period, he have constant phyical pain like backbone and muscles ache, fever, lack of water in body, constant flow of  tears from glands, sweating and other physical symptoms of suffer unless they intake required doze of substance. They would go behind the line for anything to take drugs. As the substance cost high, many abuser have been found indulge in criminal activities and irrationals for money.
Meanwhile norman was one of them, unfortunate youth, who was just mis-guided and avenge on contrary of truth. He was a geniune soccer player, but he was refrained to play, so as he could study hard and be doctor or engineer which was common entity for achievement of life in typical primitive communities. He was send to hostel where he found himself confined in limitation and isolation. He was deprived from family love affection, care and concern which is very important in one’s cognitive process. Those was the moment when he project anti-social behavior and inherit irrationale psycho-analytical perspective towards societal norms and ethics. He developed his own prominent moral of rebellion attitude and behavior diverted to anarchyism and vandalism.

Norman was living suffering life. He experienced many thunder strokes of pain, scarcity, low self-esteem, nyctophalia, derail from aims and achievement, physical and mental harassment, family conflicts. Everytimes, he ought to escape from those black holes but he could not instead he sinked like quick sand and suffered. He was involved in some of criminal activities and had arrested often. Many youth were in similiar situation like norman.

But as like when night fall down, new light of hope and courage come up.
Social organization and drugs rehabilitation centre emerged to assess and treatment.  Outsearch programs, family counselling, and free treatment services were provided by the help of which many drugs abuser has regained upon life essence. Narcotic Anonymous (NA) and Alchohol Anonymous (AA) has propogate its service and method of intervention. New wave of change has prevailed amongst youth for those who wanted to change themselves.
Meanwhile norman was sick of his life and the way he adopted. The anagnorisis of finding meaning of life, he decided to surrender and chose life than drugs. His acquaintance assisted him to in rehab center. He under went through treatment process and inherit NA steps.  Now he steadily understood how he have wasted all of his precious time, energetic vibes, skills and abilities of youth in vain. He decided to continue his study and obliged to walk in path of recovering life.
Oneday norman agnized that Jim has succumb to death because of accident. On that day norman cried a lot for what he lose. But yet again, he make commitment to chose life, a worthy life dedicated to humanity. He looks up in sky, he smiled and said:
“Jim, may your soul rest in peace. I will meet ya soon bro. And i promise we’ll never depart again. Freedom and Peace”.

The Roads

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Chapter- I

“You are my true friend. And we’ll never depart”.

Norman pick out a cheap local cigratte from his pocket and fired it up. With a thick dense smokie, he asked – ‘do you want bro?’
Jim: hell No, i don’t wanna die early. And its better if you can quit too.
Norman: haha you’re right bro, but i feel better this way.
Jim: But it won’t let you out of misery, the one you which you’ve made complicated by youself. Instead, it will cause you cancer.
Norman: I know bro, you are my true friend and we’ll never depart.

Time passes by without a notice. The things around changes, the primitive trends have turn into a new start. Generiousity that spread smile on faces now have turn into pain. For as how ironic and contrary were the days furnished in life frickling and crumbling around against desire, when one stays neutral and is amuse by the confusion of intregal civilization and retrospection. Political transition resulted from civil war against monarchyism deviated many of sensible concern. And the chaos hostile environment, where youth were highly indulged in drugs addiction dispair the national mechanism into imbecile anarchyism. The laws enforcement were at its early childhood period where itself was in need of nutritions of government indigrents. It was ‘Era of junk paradigm‘.

Meanwhile the characters of the Act, were living their own life as they could possibly construct despite of tenacious grim of constrain respectively.
It was winter, where the wind blows from north, apphrending its presence of cold breeze.
Scene: II [ In the open field, where football was the game, and a peer group was hovering around fire side].
Norman: Man, its so cold, can anyone make stuff?
Rob: yeah bro, here’s the ready made one.
Norman fires it up and pop up for couple of times, then he pass for the rocket shot.[ rocket shot mean, one has to hold his breathe until the one who pass him over don’t breathe out after the one who passed him breathe out eventually].
Norman: where is Jim, rob?
Rob: I don’t know man, these days he acts so weird, and usually stays isolated.
Norman: why, what happen?
Rob: I heard that his mom has  past away  last month.
Norman: Shit man! How the hell it happen, dammit?
Rob: I don’t know man but i have heard that she died on gas explosion while on  annual “shradhye”of his father. [shradhye is a ritual practiced one year after the death of the person. It is a hindus religious practice of offering food to poor in the memory of the deceased while a priest enchant prayers. Hindus believe in reincarnation and view death as the soul moving from one body to the next on its path to reach nirvana or heaven].
Norman: what…. Oh my god (he empathized) and where is jim now?
Rob: No idea, but he may come here afterward.

Norman decided to wait for his friend as it has had been a couple of years that they did met eachother. He empathized the pain that jim might have gone through. It would be like the world has come to the end when you lose parent in east. They are source of love and affection and most respectful persona of a one’s life. It is good cultural belief and practice of stay in family as a collective one. As it symbols unity, strong bond, care and concern and love to which many European and North American thrives on some expects.

It was late in evening, kids playing around has gone, the birds around has return home, the light has completely faded and dark has rised obscuring sky from all around. Norman and some junks were still around the fire side, smoking and chanting upon illusionary mental phase. But there was no sign of Jim. Norman was like introvert personal so he was listening Rob and other exaggrate issue and fuss. But he was anxiously waiting to see Jim. The stuff has held him high, now  monodialogue and argue were at pick. He remember back those days when they were wild, hillarious and full of enthusiasm towards obliquity. He smiles as he remember, when Jim and he used to have bet upon kindergarden lady teachers. Damn they were hot and sexy even on those sarees. Jim and norman, both had have thier own peculiar strageties and they usually persuades them to hang around. The senior and other male teacher were jealous and used to have animosity. But who care, as they were free wild lions of the institution.
It was the day of board exam, when Jim and norman meet at their regular junction which was cafe at a distant. Mark was another capricious one who was close to them. He designed chosed and tight skinny pant for the exam period, as he was always passionate and fantasized about dresses. He came along in bike in junction at high speed with some fancy stunts and held right before junction with rockie turn. As he was about to get off from the bike, his newly designed pant got tore off as it was so tight. It was the hillarious moment, when jim and norman covert mark with newspaper. They arranged mark a tailor shop to sew it up. Then, Jim and norman took ride on classic  Yamaha RX. As they were riding on road, they saw lady teacher from thier institution. She was just few years older than them and had so perfect figure that anyone would have lured and fall upon her.
Jim: buddy, just get off from the bike.
Norman: No way dude, let me ride the bike. [coz they both saw her walking and wanted to offer lift].
Norman: “come on bro, let me try first?”
Jim: “fuck man, you took that chance before, now its mine. Plz dude get off.”
They both were high by smoke. They were trying to stop eachother, but unfornately, they get crashed right ahead of that lady. Jim was lied inner down, above him was norman and the bike was turn above them. They didn’t have major injuries but some bruise and scars. And the weird scene was that she came up with help. She was the one who actually pulled them aside. But again, what else they need more when a young dazzling hot lady is around you asking howabout. When she tore a little portion of her dress and rolled it in Jim’s hand which was continously bleeding. They were just still and mouth opened as they saw big head light right infront them. As when she noticed, she smile and said softly- “you shameless guys are hopeless, when are you gonna learn.” She stood up and walked away but turn back with sexy looks at a distant which depict admiration and faminism magic of attraction. They both were still and smiling waving back to her. Norman laugh alone.
Rob: what, happen nor… Why are you laughing? It is funny enough to laugh at your friend tragedy. [At mean time, rob was sharing how he felt to express his love to the girl whom he fell in love since childhood. But he found her with another man embracement and he was furious. Apparently, norman was lost in his own imaginary world. Realizing upon the moment.
Norman speak – “No man, don’t get mad at me. It just that i remember something else. Bro, someone should let him dope so that he could not only express but could explode his gene bomb. Hahaha….”
Zeus: “And her body will scatter into several arousing phase, that rob  would hear, uh baby, yeah baby….uh..uh…uh… That’s the way…”
Rob: “shut up guys, stop it fucker.”
Norman: And when he fucked her up and agnized the real state of mind, he knew it was the the dog that was lying beside him. The beautiful girl whom he thought his girl while in doped. Hahaaha.”
All guys laughs around insanely while rob was red and annoyed.
Rob: “You all are dickhead. I’m out here”
Rob walk out in anger but norman pursuade him and brought him back.